Episode # 43

A Novel

Eleanor Wasserberg

An astonishing debut novel about a young girl’s coming of age in the haunting, enchanting world of an English commune. Read More »


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Don’t go Outside. Don’t let the Bad in. These are the rules of Foxlowe, where the ragtag Family live under the watchful eye of their leader, Freya. For Green, the youngest, it’s not just home, but everything she knows.

Outside, people live in little square houses, with unhappy families and tedious jobs. At Foxlowe, Green runs free among the wild moors and magical Standing Stones. Outside, people are corrupted by money. At Foxlowe, the Family share everything. Outside, the Bad is everywhere. At Foxlowe, the Family are safe, as long as they follow Freya’s rules and perform her rituals. But the arrival of Blue, Green’s baby sister, upsets this precarious order. Her interest in the Outside grows irrepressible, and before long she starts to talk about becoming a Leaver….

Building inexorably to its terrifying climax, FOXLOWE tells a chilling, irresistible story of superstition and survival, betrayal and redemption, and a utopia gone badly wrong.

Praise for Foxlowe

“Foxlowe is gorgeous and seductive. The story propels you toward an ending that feels both shocking and inevitable, and the last line is a stunner. I was completely gripped.”
Flynn Berry, author of Under the Harrow

“With echoes of both Shirley Jackson and Emily Brontë, Wasserberg has written a terrifying coming-of-age novel about childhood’s pull on the imagination and loyalty to memory. Foxlowe creeped me out of my skin.”
Rebecca Scherm, author of Unbecoming

“Mesmerizing, gripping, and beautifully written. It completely sweeps you up from beginning to end. I loved it.”
Kate Hamer author of The Girl in the Red Coat

“A meticulously conceived and darkly compelling debut…. Underpinning the claustrophobic horror of its main theme is a parable of unchecked sibling rivalry, a girl’s desperate need for motherly love, and the knotted consequences of childhood trauma.”
The Observer (London)

Eleanor Wasserberg holds a BA in English and Classics from Oxford and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. Foxlowe is her first novel.